How to Connect a Router to WiFi

How to Connect a Router to WiFi

A Complete Guide on How to Connect a Router: Things You Need to Know

These days using the internet has become one of the most important things. Whether you want to stream high definition videos or simply play games, high-speed internet is the most important thing that you need to have. Talking about fast and good coverage routers, Netgear is the best option. Netgear was the first to introduce the fastest wireless router in the world and is known for offering top-class networking products.

So, no matter which router you get you need to learn how to connect a router. It is quite easy to complete the setup for the router which can later be connected to the wi-fi. These days most of the routers offer a mobile application which makes using these routers easy and convenient for the users. So, if you are wondering how to complete the steps for connecting a router do not worry. In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail the steps that you need to follow for connecting the router. Just in case, you are facing issues while completing the steps then get in touch with the Netgear technical support team for help and more assistance.

Step by Steps Guide on How to Connect a Router to WiFi

Once you get a router it just won’t start working after you take it out from the box. You need to connect it as well. Though, completing the setup for the router is easy but is you are doing it for the first time it can be quite intimidating. However, these days the routers are quite easy to set up and configure so not worry. However, just because you have read the manufacturer’s guide does not mean that you will be up there to connect a router. You can follow our quick and easy guidelines to complete the setup for the router and configure it to use all of the features of the router.

So, here are the steps that you need to take care of while trying to complete the steps for how to connect a router.  If you need an immediate response or are finding it hard to get the things done then get in touch with the technical support team for help and assistance.

Placing the Router

Before even starting with the steps to connect the router you need to make sure the router is placed at the correct place. The best place to keep your wireless router is to place it in an open place. It allows the router to have no obstacle so that nothing is blocking the signals of the wi-fi router.

You also need to connect the router with the modem. Use an ethernet cable to the plugin in the WAN port of the router. Then connect the same ethernet cable with the ethernet port on the modem. Make sure the modem is turned on and then try connecting to the network.

Configure the Wireless Router

These days you can find most of the routers come with an in-built router. However, the thing that you need to note here is that these in-built routers are far less in quality as compared to the other routers. So, if you are wondering how to connect a router then it is very simple you need to configure the gateway which will disable the router and allow you to go through the WAN IP address. To know how to complete the configuration on in-built routers gets in touch with the technical support team.  

Connecting the Gateway with the New Router

Switch off the gateway and also take out the plug if there is an ethernet cable that is plugged in the port. If you find out that there is no ethernet cable plugged in the port then you need to check your router as there might be an ethernet cable that has come with the router. You can use the same ethernet cable to connect the gateway with the router. Then turn on the power source and wait until it switches on. Wait until the entire system reboots.

Change the Details of the Wireless Router

These days most of the routers have an application that can be downloaded and installed on mobile phones. You can use the phone app to configure the router and help it connect a router. However, if the router does not have an app or you want to use the web interface then follow these guidelines.

  • Use an ethernet cable connection to for connecting the PC with the router.
  • Then type the IP address of the router to complete the login for the router.
  • You will have to enter the login details like the username and the password. However, you need to change the details as it is more prone to vulnerabilities.
  • Make sure to keep a strong password which is difficult to hack.

While learning how to connect a router to Wi-Fi it is important to keep your password safe and secure as you would need it while completing the login.

Update the Firmware

It is important to update the firmware as it comes with new updates that can help in resolving bugs and technical glitches. It helps in improving the overall performance of the router, so it is important to always have the latest version of the firmware update. You can update the firmware for the router in the settings if there is any update requirement.

Get Help from the Technical Experts

If you are facing any issue while trying to connect a router then follow the steps and solutions mentioned in this blog. However, if this does not work then it indicates that you need a technical solution to fix this issue. In this situation, get help from the technical team of experts. The technicians have the right knowledge and experience to help you with the issues. They are available 24*7 to help you with the issue and resolve your problem immediately. Contact now for help and support.

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